Friday, March 23, 2018

Look what I found

I found some strays which I painted up ....
The tags are on the website but I will upload the sewing machine thread keeper & the bunny thread keeper & that Moggy in the garden decoration
Just heard post delay to QLD & Email not got thru what the #$%^&** is going on...

I am slightly pre occupied this morning with the plight of a family who were made homeless & were camping on ground no mattresses by a river for 5 weeks......

One of my brother's along with some of their own friends has now been trying to get assistance 
That plight is not an easy or one they wanted to be homeless
No one wants that !!!!
Man's basic needs are shelter & security & boy are we failing as a society

All I can think & afford to do right now is bundle up some personal care stuff...
As I got out of the WARM not cold shower it was 
Soap makes me feel good
I shampoo & condition my hair each day
I put cream on my face
sanitary GST taxed personal necessity
tea tree oil for cuts etc
The things if I need I reach for
I can but help one family

I find it all so distressing..
saw some of thing growing up when my Dad suffered from gout before the drugs were available to keep it at bay
He was in bed for 6 months not being able to stand up because of the pain.
There were no government sickness benefits or dole in that time..
Women were not looked on to work...
My Dad was a woodcutter .... he had outstanding accounts which never came without asking for payment several times by my brother.

So I guess we had nothing 
except Dad had paid the house off some years before 
Mum preserved fruit & veges  & there were chooks...eggs

It was a cafe owner who offered my Mum a job & we as children of the family took up the reins of a split meal time shift sole bread winner. between school.

My Dad had taught us that generosity of spirit as young children..
He would come in from the bush & say to Mum 
"I am going to so & so's with a load of wood, they are doing it tough  ..."
This was in the days where wood was for the wood stove for cooking & to heat the cold houses..basic essential service.

I have realised it is like indelible ink ..
that experience growing up is written on our souls 
the story is different for each of us who experienced it....
Other's plights bring the deep sadness to the surface 
often that hopeless feeling of what can 
I DO  ????
to build a stronger society or to help this plight that is such a blight on each soul

I suppose is a great beginning....I join these wonderful people who go out to bat as one 
Because this is larger & hidden problem.
I saw the swaggies after WW2 tramping the country roads looking for work or food & sleeping in our school shelter shed one day...profound & ever so sad
So right now I need to go see what I can do for helping these folk 
who are I am so happy to tell are getting one foot in front of the other with just a small amount of assistance & connection.
They need more warmth for cooler nights in their tent and they need some of those daily things we take for granted ...

Thursday, March 22, 2018

On the Table


Yesterday the paint table produced these pieces that will go on the website later today...
I need to post some thread keepers & Easter Tags..first.
The mornings just seem to wander off at times...

I have one of each of the pink things here...
Other Temptations will have the 2 bird thread keepers & maybe the other pink angel will be in houses categories

I found a Marilyn brooch shape..well there are 2 but I have only painted this one thus far..
Love the red spots  

These decorations are all ready to go at the new price of $5.00 each
The snowman & co are 65cm only 3 & one has star etched border...
The Cheery Santa & PLum Pud are 6cm  there are 6 puddings & 9 Cheery santas to go !!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018



These tags are wood...with little bunny buttons glued on them.
I love painting these pretty soft things ....
I have painted 4 each is $8 
They can be tags to hang about all year ..or add one or perhaps 3 to a frame & add to a child's room or for yourself to just feel happy when you see them

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Love These Thread Keepers etc
Barb Smith

There are 5 of these Heart Thread Keepers going for $5 each....
I have yet to paint the last 2 probably pink & Blue

Travels with Millie is always so close to my heart...she was an amazing cat & companion..
These are thread keepers ... some designs are only one & one has 9 available
All for $5 each

Houses... the centre one is a Thread keeper & the other 2 houses are decorations 7cm  circles..
for projects or hanging about or as a gift tag....These are all $5 too...
Clearing this collection to make way for new designs later....
You know when I am ready.
Which are my favourites ??? they all are !!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

More NEW ILLUSTRATIONS for Stitching

© copyright Barb Smith
These are painted illustrations now on the website & available for stitching...applique ..painting..
2 separate designs each $6 & Post stuff
Pre order now !!

The first is designed as a B&B for quilters, stitchers ...
gorgeous 2 story home  
in a slightly green country setting...

Right next door is the Quilt Shop..
Where all the fabrics, threads...are
So stay a while....
QUILT Shop ...Maybe this is a close up of the quilt shop in my story above or a quilt shop anywhere in the world..
where friends gather to shop & to be inspired  
with the individual store owner's world of selections in 
patterns , 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Easter Eggs !!!

I have had a delightful time painting these 2 wooden tags Easter Eggs
The Bunny Jardins illustration stitchery due out very soon...
There are only these the moment & time & inspiration will see if I do anymore ..
They are so soft, sweet little Easter friends ...each are $8.00 + postage


Stitch N Patch Lilydale Victoria 3140
Closing Sale – 30% off All Stock
Sale in store only – no online sales

After 15 years, Stitch N Patch, 8/1 Maroondah Highway Lilydale Victoria 3140, will be closing at the end of April 2018.
Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase some unique, top quality patchwork, needlework, gifts and hand craft supplies at reduced prices. All trading stock is discounted and must go.

Some store samples (Quilts, Wall Hangings, Handbags, Toys etc.) will be available to purchase for prices as marked. 

Fixtures and fittings are also available to purchase.


Doreen is going... retiring ... off to live life at a beach somewhere ......
The shop will close at the end of April...
Which isn't that long now ....
so get in there for lots of specials..
I know what I saw last week.....
Guaranteed to have fun....Japanese fabric... Fabric !!!  Patterns ...Books...Threads.... Buttons ...
The building will be a Hair & Beauty Salon so get your skates on ...
LILYDALE can be easily accessed by the ring roads ( tolls in some cases ....) in Melbourne ....

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cannot stop now !!

I have some more Illustrations for stitchings to do this weekend...
They are done but need all the pen work etc...
I am finding this just the best fun & a change....
Going backwards to my stitchery designing days..
The stories take me wandering through some rather lovely favourite things...
To come are some Quilt Shop / Houses  
A 5 series of gardens...with houses or ???
A set of Birds & a set of cats...
You know those handy styles that can be appliqued, stitched, coloured in, painted 

These below are 2 of those ladies out in the garden....
I am so happy to say the series is selling very well !!!.
Do I need encouragement to do more ...
but of course ....!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop
When I finish this post I will go & add the Flower shop Illustrated pattern to the website !
I sent off the postcard production last it will be here soon...
I love this shop.... full of the most beautiful flowers...
Abundance of happiness !!!
Again these will be limited numbers quite a few.... but I can keep track easier.
There are another little series going to be available very soon too...
(when the printer sees sense ) GRRR
I sort out the way to sell ...probably like the Lavender series...
Anyway here is the cottage in painted ....
On the postcard there is a picture of both...
This is also  $6.00  

Oh yes something else is a Quilt Shop illustration ready to go soon as well..
Now I am off to buy more ink for the printer....

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Painted Ladies

The Lavender Folk are painted today...
Yesterday I came to print a copy to trace onto fabric....on a whim I decided to try 
"Ink Printable Fabrics" I'd bought ages ago made by Matilda's Own
Well the print worked beautifully
2 to an A4 fabric page..& there were 5 sheets in the pack that had price tag of $20 ...
I came to paint them...& finished them off this morning...
These are the ILLUSTRATED stitcheries I am selling for a wonderful price of $6 each or the set of 5 for $25
& there is a limited production...
so I can keep track of where they are... ! 
You see these are copyright & need to be purchased...



Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lavender Ladies

The 5 Illustrations of the LAVENDER LADIES are ready to go....
These are copyright, and are on limited release from today...
The illustrations are in A5 sizing, & you may increase from the purchased patterns for your personal use only.

There is a little saying that comes with each that can be stitched with the design or as perhaps an added quilt block....
I may add more words to the set of 5 .....

I just love the sense of pure serenity & peace these 5 illustrations bring....
Cutting/ harvesting the lavender to bring inside to dry or just indulge one's senses for a week...
Maybe you make soap & add dried lavender ..or cook with  the dried lavender...
Either way I know it calms the cat... 
& there is a fabulous flea powder made at Lavendula in Victoria AU
all natural lavender on their farm mixed with penny royal & ? if my memory serves me well 
Back to the lavender.... bunched in your apron ...or you have taken a basket into the garden for just this purpose...
Watering on a summer's evening as the shade comes over....the oils are  sending off some delightful perfumes & what pleasure it is when the little birds come down for a fresh drink & a bath....
Wandering along a country garden with many lavenders ....spilling over the paths & the geese coming along for the stroll...wonderful company !
Finally the trimming of the lavender.... to keep it neat & tidy...
Stitching :
Each is set for back stitching & maybe a French knots for your lavender.....
Soft or varigated mauves..perhaps a little purple to make the scene pop ...sages and what shall you wear to do the lavender "chores" ????
Then my goodness what fabric will you choose to stitch on & what backing will you place behind each stitching....what you love to use...


Individually priced at $6.00 each 
buy in the set of 5 is $25.00
All will have postage of  a large letter added...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bunny Tags

Bunny blue with stamping & bright happy bunnies & 3 have parasols for the weather..
sunny or rainy

Onto the web today have come these bright Christmas coloured batch of cats..there is only one..
The Bright Umbrellas are there too
The Cow..she is there on a small farm of 11 milkers
Santa... he is always popular but a chore for me to paint so you see him now & then !
Egret in white with a red scalloped border 
Most are very slim in stock

Red paint on the palette & a few spare buttons on the table can be a really bright affair
One pair of red bunnies & I cannot recall if the white set have made it onto the web today...but will be soon.....
What about the red kissing birds only 2 other colours now....

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bunnies in Hoops & More on Tags

Rabbits.... decorate using small hoops ... add a little Happy Easter writing around the hoop perimeter
The rabbits are some 6cm & many are 4 to 5 cm
There are alos the flowers in basket with the cut away flower on the basket.... bunnies like gardens where flowers grow a wonderful small framed scene could be the go....
Go see what they are on the website !!!

Tags are also added to the website...
This one is blues with one token chook & rest are Bunnies

This one is white painted & stamped & has 2 different bunny designs in colours too !