Saturday, February 17, 2018

On the Table this morning

Funny what falls where..
I was moving some books around on the table today...
When I glanced down at this frame & the pieces that had settled on it in pure randomness
I thought .. I kind of like this

so slightly fiddle with it..
.....just having small props often does stimulate more creativity
What is the saying..
"Where others see mess I see HOPE"
Something like that LOL

I had these buttons in a huddle after searching through some items for a special request
Soft & gentle the colours say.... 

Friday, February 16, 2018

I needed an angel in a serene scene


Marg Low Designs is heading off in early April to
at beautiful Carlton Gardens Melbourne building in first week In April..with a few of these very popular designs & this is my favourite....
Marg is working on many new designs to release this year

Gee there are times when I fancy sinking into some peaceful scene ....

Loads of small obstacles today & some stupid young girl cut the corner I was coming up to before something awful... are they blind.... ???? 

We have advanced with specs nowadays ....
did they buy that driver's licence ????
or is it something else ?

Lots of people are driving over white lines & cutting corners & smashing !!

Take it from me one never returns bodily after a car accident !
Which brings me to the Body Strengthening place I visited yesterday & I am excited as an at home program is being developed for me to strengthen the body I go back for checks each 6 weeks...
So monitoring is good for me.
This is to make the muscles that locked down when in the midst of arthritis pain ( accelerated after car accident yrs ago now  )last year work properly again.
The body is amazing.... 
I am so hopeful this will be a great piece of my vision for this year done !!!
A Tai Chi teacher I had in Bendigo has been given a wonderful award
 It is so great as he was very talented & taught us with such charm
Bravo Raymond  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Working studio

This was last week's tags and having a great time morning's work.
These are similar to workshops I have done... great fun ....
Storm is approaching .... au revoir

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

WORDS !!! & where they take me..

Bonjour !!
The words in wood take me on my mind.
There is the antique quilt shop by the sea...
Quilt shop with antique linen & needles & fabric
A stitching with mon is all very good !

The tags are on the website in their spot called wood words.... I have assembled them on tags..& each is one only....
Oh I want to lay a piece of linen out on the workspace & place words to form a meaning ...
maybe grab some old lace, pearl buttons stamps & a button or 2 from my collection on line and just make a sampler...
You see there is no wrong way to do theses sorts of free expressions & of your unique creativity... 

You know sewing the tags to the fabric using the sewing machine could be just a fun thing & here I have 2 small bits of linen I have stamped on & added the pink Freda button & into a frame it all goes.
One thing the words will need to be hot glued to the tag as the double sided tape will not hold long term...or use the tag as a template to do in linen or other fabric or trace onto base fabric & stitch then sew the words on....
see plenty of options.
Now if I was doing a market I would explore each of the options I have written about...
>>>>> the paperwork in my place just gets put aside again !
Au revoir Mon Amis 

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Rabbits ..

 I guess you know how I work by now...
sometimes I do this a bit out of left field....
There again was a few rabbit buttons .... about..some fabric..those frames & I got onse box of the stamps out & was looking for the small postage size stamp but got other distractions...
I have managed to package a couple of these style of things... which will go on the website later ( got to eat lunch then go off to post orders...
Rather fun with strips of linen & calico fabric ... and a few buttons etc...

Then I got into the box of words...
these will also be back on the web soon....
I want to put some on the fabric & see ....LOL 

These are back on the web again... had a little holiday after Christmas

Loving the Tabby Tan Willow cat....& the other cat Abby as a tabby looks great too

The Twig Birds in red or white are also back on the website... flew in again recently

Friday, February 9, 2018


 Red Ellie Elephant was getting a bit the other 2 I had are now here in Lime Green with bright pink spots & Yellow & orange spots.
12cm tall x 14cm long.....
for Gluing into a frames or one 3 piece frame...
Or onto boxes or any other brilliant idea.
I am selling as the 3 together for $15.00 + P&H


Thursday, February 8, 2018


This is the end result of mucking about this morning with tags ...
This set  will be for sale on the lot only

This was the start those tea stained tags.....

Soon I was into painting some different types of tags...& out came the stamp box

I even tried a couple of paper bags

Then I had another idea.... so I selected some buttons from my storage

What will happen at this stage I never know.....

 This works
 This does too

Cute I thought...needs 2 cats.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I am always thrilled

It is thrilling for me each time I post off my painted orders...

Christmas has been this week's lot along with new cats & some Easter rabbits..

As I packaged these orders to go off to USA yesterday ...
I thought maybe you'd like to see them all prissy in their cello bags
I do !!!
It is only for brief moments I see the items packaged before into a post box they go & out on their journeys

These Santa buttons are off to go into kits to be seen at AQC at Marg Low Designs stand
 in early April in Melbourne
The journeys the buttons go on is quite amazing if I stop to reflect on it.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Olive Tree has fruit

I was rather excited this morning as I walked up the back of our drive to speak to my neighbour...
I passed by the bigger of the 2 olive trees I planted here maybe 4 or 5 yrs ago now
I was THRILLED to see several olives on the tree...

I love the look of olive trees & am partial to a nice olive to eat ...
 I have planted these in all the moves I have made in 16 years ( except beach house ) but never stay around to see them grow ......(I have 2 in  pots now .......)

Often as I gaze across the road to the vacant land....which has a water race running right past the old house...
How that land could be a divine 
Border it in at the sides etc with some big elm trees shelter it a bit from that harsh summer.
It could be a working piece of land too
Olives & Dried Lavender..
I  could get to gaze across at that every day.....
instead of this barren dry lot..left to waste really !
The roos could still come in through a corridor ....& keep the grass down & maybe the sheep in the next paddock

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Galahs & these massive graders

Things I see outside my door or window at times amazes me
But yet to see something like this .... little echidna taking a bath in a plastic tub in Canberra

The video even shows this spiky guy turn over & scrub his tummy !!!

At the side in the next block is a flowering gum tree and lots of birds come into this...parrots at least 2 know I hardly take lots of notice... I hear them mostly.
Galahs & white Cockatoos have recently arrived with young ...& they are usually eating in the paddocks over the road & sometimes each has a screaming fit outside on this tree.
I walked in from emptying my teapot the other morning & looked at them & thought quick great photo...

They are wary of metal objects & as I took a second photo they began to fly off
what a lovely sight it was

Friday ...these 2 machines start up over the road & I watch for a while to see what they are doing
Then later I watch more intently..... there is a mound of compacted dirt...the front end loader with those metal catapillar wheels pushes the large machine up the mound...
Once at the top, the front end loader backs off
& the other long thing starts to plough up the soil in the one spot..
then back comes the front end loader to move the broken up soil off the mound. 

I admired the precision of both the operators... 
that trust in each other's skills as they move to a precarious position...
The cabin in that long thing wobbles a bit as it gets to stabilise on the narrow mound.
I thought as I watched & took pictures in the latter part of this operation.
These operators know about
as well as driving these things ...
Now if this style of operators would run the country...
How amazing would that be...
See there is no room for error in this operation 

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Was it only a week ago since Lisa was here ??...
The Christmas tree farm of buttons she lined up on the table & called them Christmas Tree farm stayed with me.
I tried to work a few different buttons & finally this morning it has come to be !!!

I worked it in a small hoop...
Thought the circle drawn could also be stitched on fabric & then into a Frame ..then
I thought...
What about Needle turned fabric for the circle that the trees will be planted on & then framed ...
Ohhh it would be divine !

Maybe tomorrow I will make it to meet up with my cousin from Western Qld...she is about !!!
We have connected on the phone twice now.....
She is far worse than me for wandering......LOL
I thought somewhere we are touched by that same wandering wand ......
UPDATE on the Finley Cancer adventure.... Colleen has funding happening & this is so exciting.....for her & I look forward to seeing the shop all done !!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

There is a New Cat ..button coming

A new cat is coming soon....sitting tall the image stares back at me as I write.... the cat is in paper form....sitting stately & quitely...
We are waiting for the post to arrive today !!!!
Reorders of new and other things I do already are coming in ....from another part of Australia.
my card labels are also arriving.

Being a cool day I have scant excuse not to paint what is on back order & what has arrived in yesterday.
I have these signs which have meaning to the summer ...especially.

Pondering last 2 days about our country's electricity problems and how in Melbourne on 2 extremely hot days the power went off for hrs..
Our Premiere has been discussing some good tactics or is at least aware of the problems...
Specific power supply companies failed..... so I am thinking

Not only do we need to ask if changing companies for our electricity that price is not the only issue we should be asking... we also need to ask ???? WILL we be guaranteed supply of power in critical hot & cold times ???
If not what compensation package do they have in place for us if this happens...
No not any private insurance we take out ...because a service has failed to provide in our country renown for heat in summer.....cold in winter....

Otherwise we go elsewhere....companies who are prepared to support what they stand for.
The other issue is the costs incurred when a company  installs new power poles, wires & will I add smart metres  being added to the consumer ...
This is a business cost, not a consumer cost of maintaining a core business ....
Sorry this has been going on for years & always annoys the heck out of me....

As I progress in age I look ahead & then to today & then I cast my eye back...
I sometimes thing we have not been innovative enough... not  a lot has happened.
When power was run by our Butter factory on summer teatimes
Whack the power would go out ( usage was overloaded & it was 1950's  )
The kerosene hurricane lamp would be with the salt & pepper on the table 
we had light

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Buttons Day

Oh wow what a wonderful cool day....
Such BLISS after that dreadful LONG HEATWAVE....
I may start to be normal again if I have a couple of days of this

The 4.5cm cute cute critter buttons have arrived & have been painted
I had 5 Bunnies out on the paint table 
So each got a different coloured dress 
These retail at $4.50 each + P&H 

Kittys...Buttons in pale pink & blue 
As well as De Bears in bright pink & pale blue clothes....& the De Koala bear in pale pink & there is a lime green one too...

This set is a mix....De Deer in tan & with a red body...holly up to his neck & red berries too. Quite a character...with his twiggy sort of antlers
The dogs Riding the Bus now have their cut away bit modified & are still happy riding the freeways ...they remind me today of being in the family van going to the beach...
The Squat house has had a new lick of paint & now takes on the European old house looks which I do love....
The Bunny well  I needed an extra number to fill the collage !